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Portuguese property+850sqm land.

Location: South East England - pitsea
Swap Value: £15.000+


Pine forest area.Stunning views. I will be open to swapz against it.

Here for Sale..With renewed cash price.If being bought for cash i will now accept offers of a swap over £17,500... ( Please, nothing less, I was asking £22,000 )
Now, i might consider a full exchange of its value, against my place, with a Uk or Portuguese Car / Large Van / Mini-bus / Motorhome / Motorcycle / small boat with trailer.. Or a combination, but nothing less than £17,500 in vehicles.. And please, not prices that a dealer would be wanting.. Remember my price is a knocked down price..

My Farmhouse type Cottage, In a small hamlet near to a small village, Overlooking the larger town of Miranda Da Corvo..
The area is beautiful.. Stunning scenery and elevated views and so near to Coimbra ( 20 km's ).
My property is approx 10 minute journey, from Miranda, up into the Pine/Eucalyptus/Sweet Chestnut forests..
Nearby, there are open air swimming pools, boating lakes, picnic and bbq areas, making great use of natural features and enjoying the stunning, elevated views.
The climate is good . Cooler air in Summer than other area's of Portugal.. ( 28-30 deg), and a mild Winter compared to most of Europe.
The pace of life is slower here, than Lisbon, major Cities such as Porto, and certainly calmer than the more vibrant Algarve.

My property needs work to bring it to a modern living standard.. But with the added advantage that it would be possible to live there whilst renovating. And this is reflected in the asking price.. Do not expect this to just be a "lick of paint" project.. But to someone who embraces the renovation, it will pay its dividends..
I have resisted losing any of the things i think would become features..
The walls are thick stone... Sound as the day were built.. The oak beams are massive and very sturdy...
The bottom levels are still set out as workroom or storage rooms,but could quite easy become garage or car parking space..?
There are old drying racks and a large ceramic Vat which would have been used for Olive/Oil storage ...
each of these spaces are bone dry..

The upstairs is mainly the living space..
Roof tiles have shifted over the years and some timbers and floorboards have suffered damp and and rot... all of which would become part of a modernisation scheme..
I have many photos to show the extent of what has happened.And the current condition of each room.
Its keeping dry again now, as i've repositioned the tiles again..
The window frames have warped over time and all these need to be considerations for the modernisation..
It really has a great feel about it, with all its old features..
I walk about in there with a smile on my face. Its old, but definitely homely.
There is a lounge area, and 2 small bedrooms adjacent..
The hall has a set of stairs leading from the front entrance door..
There is an upstairs hallway that leads into where the cooking was done..
Yet again, old features of the farmhouse life style is that the kitchen was more of a "Smoke" room... It has a very old and basic cooking range, and an old bread oven built into the wall... By choking the chimney, they have over decades, smoked produce in that room, so it looks like the room has been on fire... It hasn't.. the timbers are totally preserved underneath the smoked soot... Fascinating, and i deliberately haven't disturbed any of this, as i don't know what someone else's idea's would incorporate..?
So, there is lots of work to do.. Lots of ways the project could go, and even the possibility to buy the places either side for future space, or to get a very detached feel.. In the past, it would have been one family that owned the whole terrace.. Recent years have sold off each section with their own deeds.. The 2 places either side are small but could add to the future plans, quite easily and cheaply...
Some people have just recently bought some of the nearby properties, and i am sure prices will start moving up soon with this recent buying activity..

There is basic water and electricity at the property, although new sewerage needs to be factored into any work plan.
The land adjacent to my property is included in the price, and would make a perfect site for sewerage plans..
Just outside my door is a communal water feature where you can collect fresh water from the local spring. although mains water is available in the house already..

The land is at least 850 sq meters and is amazing for growing crops..
There is a dozen types of vegetable being grown there right now, by my neighbours.. They are using it at present as i don't want to, and i get the pick of any produce.. And its the best...
They are aware that any new owner may probably want that land for their own use.. Presently, this arrangement suits me, and it stops the land getting overgrown in my absence.
The land, is not overlooked, but does look towards the nearby Village of Vila Nova..The local church is quite dominating as the view from my land. And the back drop of Pine forest behind adds to the splendour..
Please contact me for any further information required..
I am quite happy to ring a UK landline and speak to you about how a visit here can be arranged...
I would help in any way i can..
I can pass on whatever local knowledge that i know of, including a great Lady Lawyer who was born and bred in Miranda.. Very lovely person who would advise you, if required.. Speaks very good English and is well versed in these procedures.
My neighbours are adorable and so helpful and great people to know..
Ok, please contact me if you wish to know any further info..
If you would like to come and view this at anytime, i would gladly assist with showing you the property, and if you needed accommodation i can make suggestions, nearby the property... I can also help advise you with which airport you could fly into, and arrange transfers to the property area..

I can be contacted on my Portuguese mobile number... 00351 913735765
Best regards .. Les

I want to swap for

I will consider a UK or Portuguese registered Vehicle's.. My preference will be a Big Van, Mini-bus, Motorhome, or a Motorcycle.. But will also invite seeing offers of a 4x4 or Diesel Saloon.. Possibly a boat or jetski, but only with a trailer..
The value of the swap is the value of my property...
Selling price of property is now much reduced to sell ...£17,500... So a combination of vehicles may be considered..? W.H.Y. ?

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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