West german spelter-like clock

Location: Greater London - London
Swap Value: £10-£25


not 'quartz,' but 'manual-wind' has a basic -movement at rear but the wind pegs are incomplete. when i bought it so-many years ago I believe it had them, , .. SO JUST a "Look-At" ornament really. has a grey-ish hue, sort-of spelter looking metal, I bought at greenwich sunday market in London about 25 years ago, dont seem to notice it much after so many years, its just sitting around v would be nice if someone-else kept it,
makes a nice wall shelf object, very graceful really. about 6-700g weight, could mail or send, but you would have-to foot that cost, it would be traveling to you from SE18. the only fragile part is the glass, though I do know after so many years that that-is quite tuff. I think the material the spelter [ excepting: a little brass-plate at the rear that is surface for the manual wind-mechanism about 4.5cm, or so ] were moulded in a sand-blaster kiln maybe similar.] I paid: 17£ for it then, I've seen 1 or 2 in various places over the period for-up-to 35-40£, as this-one's incomplete I'd say probably: its 25-ish, in today ~ say 21-ish, It would nt be fair to-say less, really. gesundheigtinge, try

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garden, or indoor things like: L.E.D.
Lights prefer non motion-sensitive, though try if you have something different, maybe its discerning, or a nice tv antenna maybe, why

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