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Tanglewood Memphis, semi hollow,335

Location: South West England - Bridgwater
Swap Value: 1 penny


Owned for a while but my les paul is getting more use due to a wider neck and kinda fancy a strat (hint hint)

One tuner has been replaced by a previous owner but it doesn't effect tuning stability.

Has some very minor buckle rash on the rear of upper horn and a couple of marks around the edge but honestly not that noticeable.

One of the volume knobs needs tightening as it spins around but it still works. I just can't get my fingers inside it. I tend to just plink away acoustically anyway.

The 3 way switch is fully functional but doesn't feel great (bit chinsey) . Such a shame as the rest of the guitar is much nice than the epiphone equivalent although I think new wiring and some gibson pickups would make this guitar unbelievable!

In good condition and no longer available new and collectable.

I've only found one other for sale on ebay in UK.

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