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Used since the 1950's by health professionals and athletes, REVITIVE Ultralieve is specifically designed to relive and ease pains from soft tissue injuries. This medical device incorporates ultrasound technology, commonly used by physiotherapists, as a drug-free and alternative pain relief method.
Ultralieve works by emitting a high frequency sound, which is undetectably to the human ear, that stimulates the deep tissue underneath the skin's surface. Ultrasound therapy helps to support the natural healing process of soft tissues and muscles within the body. It helps the movement of essential nutrients into the damaged cells to help with the healing of sprains, pain and muscle aches.
Simple and easy to use, the REVITIVE ultrasound has three intensity levels for you to choose from, so you are in control of your own treatment, as well as alleviating your aches and pains. There're also three-time settings preprogramed into the device to aid pain relief, and with the complimentary ultrasound gel you can begin to treat your pain right away.
Features of REVITIVE Ultralieve ultrasound therapy
• Emits high frequency sound vibrations
• Helps to speed up the healing process
• Can help to treat soft tissue aches and injuries
• May help to relieve pain from strains
• Can help to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis
• Three intensity levels - high, medium and low
• Select from three durations: 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes
• Recommended by healthcare professionals
• Drug free class IIa medical device
• Easy to use at home
What's included
• REVITIVE Ultralieve ultrasound therapy device
• Ultrasound gel
• Instruction manual
• Dimensions: L 195 x W 50 x H 65mm
Warnings and cautions
This device shouldn't be used:
• To treat cancers or tumours
• On broken or bleeding skin
• If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding
• If you have gone through irradiation therapy less than six months ago
• If you are currently living with spinal cord issues
• Over your eyes, skull or reproductive organs

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