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Location: Scotland - Bathgate
Swap Value: £500+



As title - excellent condition as you can hopefully see from the pictures although more can be taken on request.

I will try and give as much detail as possible but there has been so much money spent on this that I will miss out a lot. If you know anything about the world of RC then you will know what you are looking at here and just how much money has been spent on it.

The buggy has been pretty much fully upgraded bar some aluminium visual parts.

Off the top of my head, it has :

* Upgraded shocks ( innovative rc ).
* HPI PCSC slipper clutch kit.
* Turtle racing rear suspension mount.
* Turtle racing front suspension mount.
* Scorpion SHORTY kit.
* DDM fuel cap.
* Aluminium rear suspension arms.
* GBE exhaust ( very loud ).
* Shock covers.
* Turtle racing engine parts.
* All gears upgraded.
* Brackets and mounts upgraded.
* Vertigo hubs.
* GT engine brackets.
* 26cc zenoah 4 bolt.
* Dust covers.
* Upgraded air filter.

Lots lots more not mentioned.

It is running with Spectrum DX3R Pro radio gear with a failsafe fitted for peace of mind.

I have included with this lots and lots of spares! When I say a lot, I have a comprehensive spares and maintenance package. If you are getting into this hobby then this really is an excellent package for someone.

I can’t possibly list or even photo everything but I’ll try mention as much as I can and photograph as much as I can. Like I say I can take more pictures on request if needed.

We have in the spares:

* Spare suspension.
* Spark plugs.
* Most body parts in spares.
* Spare chassis parts.
* Gaskets.
* Oils.
* Nuts, bolts, washers, rods, mounts.
* Spare brand new complete carbs.
* Spare brand new pull starts.
* Spare wheels sets, on and off-road tyres.
* Spare wheel rims.
* Wheel hubs.
* Clutch kits.
* Stone protector kit.
* Spare fuel tubing etc.
* Spare air filters.
* Spare brand new servos.

Loads and loads and loads! There literally has been thousands spent on this. Much more parts than I’ve mentioned as I can’t remember everything.

Also a toolkit included which has pretty much every tool needed to strip and rebuild.

Running wise - 100% perfect! Starts easy and runs faultless. It is an extremely fast machine and is most definitely not a kids toy!

Any inspections welcomed. I think you will struggle to find a better baja 5B SS shorty. A lot of top of the range baja parts, some of which aren’t easy to get hold of.

I think for what you’re getting the price is very fair. I am open to realistic offers and may potentially be open to swap for something depending on what you are offering.


Any questions please ask and I’ll try answer or to arrange to see it just get in touch.

I want to swap for

All things considered, motorbikes, on or off-road vehicles.

I am open to ALL SWAPZ