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Giant fossil clamshell

Location: Greater London - London
Swap Value: £4.000+


This is an authentic fossil giant clamshell (certified) Tridacna Gigantea. This species of clamshell became extinct during the later Pleistocene Period around 180.000 years ago.
T.Gigantea were the largest clam species ever to exist, the record being over 1000Ibs!
They are occasionally found along the East African coast, excavated inland, sometimes several miles from the coast. To find out more just google “giant fossil clamshell” or Tridacna Gigantea and see for yourself why these ancient treasures have become collectibles among the rich.

I want to swap for

A new generation MacBook Pro that can edit 4K footage, preferably 15/16” screen
or a Rolex but I’m always open for suggestions. Note: these sell for 7.000£ @ Gallery Rare by Oulton, Kings Road London

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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