New charity swapping to fundraise

Location: East of England - Huntingdon
Swap Value: £10-£25


We are a newly registered charity taking on the development and delivery of mindfulness-based community projects, offering a series of swaps for our fundraising.

We have a variety of books and cushions, left over from a community project pilot in 2019.

We plan to to swap 14 items 14 times, and use or auction off what we have at the end of the swap cycle to raise funds for mindfulness-based community projects.

Book titles:

J.Marshall 'Managing anxiety with mindfulness for dummies' (new)

T. Nhat-Hanh 'Fear' (new)

T. Nhat-Hanh 'Anger' (new)

J.Kabat-Zinn 'Full Catastrophe Living' (new)

K.Verni 'Practical Mindfulness' (new)

I want to swap for

Anything the charity can use for raising funds
ie an item of greater value, something unique that others would want
Something that we can swap further for more valuable items

I am open to ALL SWAPZ