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Bottle filling line liquid

Location: West Midlands - Nuneaton
Swap Value: £10.000+


Industrial bottling machine,

So it comes as 4 separate units that fit together to make a liquid bottling line. A 4 hose filling machine can fill from 10ml up 2 1 litre It work on a belt system you place the bottles onto the start of the belt which takes it down the line stops at the hoses which it fills. It's capable of 2400 bottle per hour. Ideally you should look into buying an auto feed for this.

2nd part of the line is the capping machine the sensor stop the bottle which you place the cap on and it screws it tight.

3rd part is the label machine which takes no staff to run othere than loading the real of labels however often.

4th is the out feed which is a circle table that spins with an out shoot to send the finished bottles off the line.

This machine take 2 staff to run saying that if your busy ideally a 3rd to fetch x product would be ideal.

It runs of 240v power so normal plug sockets.

It's a serious bit of kit approx 20f in length when set up.

Belive it or not we never got to use it in our factory not one drop of liquid passed thru the machine literally got set up by the installation team and the crash in price of isopropyl alcohol left us with a stupid amount invested in product.

The company we brought it off have moved on to bigger machinery but its still got a few months left of the warranty.

The liquid is drawn up through a tube connected to a compressor it will draw from 25 l drums up 2 ibc 1000l.

The machine was best part of 19k I payed in 2 instalments so on the invoice says 15k but read it properly you will see.

UK company.

Can't say I'll miss it I never used it, good tool for the right business.

I want to swap for

Anything you got to the value of 10 to 15k
I want 15 but if if something nice pops up ay see wat u got

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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