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Location: West Midlands - Birmingham
Swap Value: £50.000+


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What is 'Female Impotence' and How can it be cured?

Do you know ~

It is a challenge for a large proportion of females globally to gain intimate gratification in an way an adult male often does.

The Modern Solution ~

A British Author called 'X-TR' published a secret rare book called, Lockdown Session... Dr. Spray Love, using Neuroscience Techniques and also the Placebo Effect, with an array of unseen mind tricks incorporated into the book, to find the cure to female sexual dysfunction - with a special book.

The Cure:

Much to gain from his book; according to experts such as doctor's, researchers and anyone intrigued by the ultimate new way of female pleasure and intimacy.

Like the same pleasure a male gets after intimate activity.

Asking Price -

The only auction house confident to listen to the explanation of the book written by X-TR, placed an auction estimate at £2 million - £5 million

(Fellows Auction House, London and Birmingham)

Ultimately it is up to the Author to set a price because it was self-published the unusual book.

The Now Price is: £255 million

Target Buyer -

Most likely to be bought by the billionaire or
multi-millionaire successful with finding truly rare one-off assets.

Autograph Price -

Accompanied with the Signature is a Short Sample Story. This short paragraph sample story is set
to demonstrate the possibility of a written cure.

However, the true real story is 1000% more effective and is sure to be potent.

Asking Price -

£250,000.00 for a signed autograph and a sample short story.

Appraisal of autograph and written story by a professional book expert, a member of, rare book expert community.

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