Swap a house for my LTD business?

Location: Yorkshire and the Humber - Horbury
Value: £50.000+


I own a custom cabinet manufacturing company. Manufacturing tailor made kitchens, bedrooms, beds, tv stands, vivariums, desks, shaped shelving etc in the WF4 area code.

I'd be willing to swap my successful business for a house, to the value of £200,000 in the West Yorkshire area.

If this sounds like it could be of interest to you. Please contact me to see if a talk can be started and maybe an agreements can be met for that right person out their.

Thank you.

I can offer:
Running and established business with customers.

I'm willing to be your employee up to 5 year for you to help you transition in.

New machinery installed. Nothing needed to be spent on the business premises. Ready to go.

I'm getting old, tired and sore. Im looking for a less manual future to settle down with my family.

Thank you for reading.