Edwardian Gold Wedding Ring

Location: East Midlands - Nottingham
Sell Price: £500


They say time travel is quite possible, and this ring just goes to show that it is.

Having been made in 1858 and assayed in Birmingham.

This lovely time peace, which is a 9ct Gold Wedding Ring, which is so simple and a treasure in its own right, has seen time pass all around it, over 100 years have gone by. Which is amazing in its self.

And what could possibly better than owning such a peace of history.

Made in 1858, Birmingham, UK size - M.
This ring is in good condition for its age. And hasn't been worn for over 40 years or so.

The ring will come to you in a ring box, wrapped in cotton wool and packaged with care in a padded envelope

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £500. If you are interested please contact me.