2006 Honda anf innova 125

Location: West Midlands - Nuneaton
Sell Price: £400


2006 honda innova 125, 21,586 miles, just had new crank bearings, piston kit, gearbox bearings and all gaskets. had rear brake shoes replaced too. Front panel missing but taped up from some little shits trying to steal it. Has no MOT now but only needs front brake pads and chain and sprocket kit to pass. Has 2 keys and number plate but lost log book so will need applying for (£25). Had it on road last year but has been sat since last summer. Rebuild was done in February and hasn't been used since apart from the odd start up for 5 mins to keep battery from going flat. £400

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £400. If you are interested please contact me.