Philips 43" android touchscreen

Location: South East England - Banbury
Sell Price: £600


I have Philips signage 43BDL4051T 43" android 10 finger touchscreen, it has 3 hours of usage on timer and is in perfect condition, comes boxed and with remote and all cables for different types of connections. You can connect windows PC to it and use it for touch input etc as well, has micro SD, SIM card port, and many inputs for audio and video. Really great experience with it and works very well. It has very low power usage as been designed for 24/7 usage so expect it to last very long as well, 5mm hardened glass screen so very solid and resistant. Lovely picture on it. Has quad core processor, own memory and RAM. Cheapest you can find now is over £1200 so bargain to be had. Feel free to ask any questions

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £600. If you are interested please contact me.