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Top Range home cinema projectors

Location: South East England - Banbury
Swap Value: 1 penny


Hi, I have some projectors that I don't need anymore so willing to swap some as I have too many currently and Mrs is not liking it...

EIKI LC-WUL100A (cheapest used on eBay £2.5k) with two lenses one LNS-W21 (cheapest used on eBay £600) and one LNS-S20 ( used online £150) that where bought separately.

EIKI LC-WGC500A twin lamp (cheapest used on eBay £600-700) with standard lens

I'm not looking for them prices so try me with what you got

They display crisp and sharp image during day with window curtains open, very high end equipment display size from 55" to 400" and can be positioned as close as 5 ft from wall and as far as 75 ft so can be used pretty much in any room or display on your house from garden. Resolution better then Full HD as it's 1920x1200. All projectors have very low bulbs usage time what can be seen in settings and fresh air filter as they been serviced around 6 months ago, all with remote and wires. Very advanced functions like keystone adjustment, picture in picture, amplifier, fully motorised lense, 10bit colour processing, 3LCD and many more. In general it's very impressive high end equipment that will turn any room in to quality cinema.

I want to swap for

Literally anything that I find useful or interesting, just try me with what you got or make cash offer

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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