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Well I am an honest guy and an ex mechanic, yes i know my way around cars, i have owned enough over 70 now and im 33 years old, that's how much i like cars, if i find a nice toy i keep it longer, i prefer my classics but am open minded to modern cars too, I do not fabricate descriptions i am honest and i ask for this in return, if you try and con me i will walk away, No log book, No problem "simples no deal" to have a car for less than 2 weeks "how long a log book normally takes" shows you want to get rid fast now why is that ??? yes we know some people on this site are very hard working genuine people who want to actually use this site in-which it was intended for, others think its a site to palm off their rubbish scrap and write offs thinking karma wont bite them, trust me it will, bottom line... be honest and have a fun and great deal

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