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There are ALOT of people on this website who have no intention of following through with interest/proposals that are submitted by them. A common trait after submitting their proposal is to ignore any further correspondence upon acceptance of a proposal, to browse, and leave inappropriate comments mostly when they haven't so much as physically seen the product. The behaviour comes about by the fact that they can hide behind the anonymity. Unfortunately these people are ruining this site for genuine individuals who follow through with what they have agreed.

About me, i'm a professional in the motor industry (Mechanic). I ONLY meet half way if over a 30 mile radius of Tadley(RG26).
Upon any swap we WILL both sign a receipt each these covers both of us to say we have seen and inspected the vehicle/item and therefore is deemed as "Sold as seen".

**No scammers!** All cars will be checked.

**BEWARE** I use snap-on diagnostics and have access to full-diagnostics such as VAGCOM/STAR etc. Of which I WILL use on any vehicle to do indepth checks as I will for you on my vehicle to prove complete honesty!

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