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I live in Jersey channel islands uk. unfortunately the channel islands is not included in location option on registration so i have had to list my location as London. I do visit London at least once a year so this is suitable for high end swaps.

I have loved and disliked this website I decided to take a break after being scammed 3 times and receiving 1 defective item. I will now only send items first if you have a higher rating and if recommended by a trusted users.

I have made a couple of very nice genuine swapper friends here and they are recommended below

All my items are for swap or sale
I will be listing all sorts of odd items as i am now addicted to this site, i love the idea of oldschool bartering, your tat might be my treasure and mine yours.

swaps would be by mail/courier services.
all cash prices are inclusive of postage charge and if there is big weight different between swaps im happy to discuss with swapper so we both get fair deal

Explanation of my swap/sale condition of dvds/cds

New - self explanatory
Very good - couple of light scratches if any
Good - light scratches and possibly a few slightly deeper scratches
Acceptable - heavily light/deep scratched but plays
Guarantee all dvds play but if you experience any problems please let me know and ill do my best to resolve issue

I love movies and have a big collection so will always have dvds for swap/sale.
im interested in music / musical instruments / movies and movie related items/ books / collectables / poker and table/board games /gadgets old and new / modern/retro gaming / photography / dance related items

please check out my wanted items :)
happy to combine swaps for higher valued items and likewise with other swappers
Happy swapping

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