Username: Malcolm75

I can only advise against trying to Scam us with a good fake watch or a Vehicle that is only good for scrap. It's your Choice if you decide to heed the Warning or not.

Any watch will be verified
Any vehicle will be Checked
Any Gold will be Clarified

what I have for sale or trade are genuine.

2 items are of High Value so Please do your homework before responding.

Stop offering £5k Watches
And £7k rust buckets saying they just need a little TLC. Or Any Moon mile Vehicles for the High value Antique Chinese Temple Vases. We are not interested these are Very Special and will take something eye-catching, what ever it may be.

Apart from that we are Open to pretty much anything. If your interested in both of the High value items, I would consider combining the 2 for something nice. Try me.

Thank you for taking the time to read our ad.

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