Username: RagingViper

im a genuine 29yr old guy who likes to trade on various sites mainly gumtree and im always looking for a bargain, like the one i got today when i swapped a ps3 with 13 games (bought for £60) for a £300 fish tank and stand :)

let me be clear on something before you proceed to offer me a item i will only do face to face swapz there are enough scammers in the world for me to know this site must have them and i do not wish to fall victim to any such crime

also i can't travel long distance i do not drive have 4 kids and a disabled partner so i would prefer you come to me even if you require a contribution towards your travel expenses

so not much else i can say other than i look forward to speaking with you in the future

happy swapping all i hope you get a bargain too

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