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Update on swaps owed im sorry ive been ill plus money tight paying bedroom tax plus fares gas etc please bare with me thank you. Oct 2014. 24th Sept 2014

Warning on line swaps team delated my post on it I phone 6 plus phones bend and loads been return just warning people re swappers swapping them on here

Hi i am lisa happly married. I love making dream catchers and things with loom bands you will find them on my items.

You will see iam new but all swaps gone well. I only warn people when either ive had a problem or swappers i know have lots are scammers on here. Thats why warn people.

I will mail items or your welcome to collect. No car so cannot drop off. If swapping i pay postage to send but if selling sorry you need to pay.

I take cash or paypal

Bad swappers

(LISABELL) Has been taken off here but she will rejoin under new name. When I see her will add it. gets people to send first never swaps back even been on news.

(Rebecca20) phone swap never sent phone glad i did not send mine.

( buzzinga) don't check swap just says yes then changes mind annoying then slates me off cause im new. Sorry ive had more swaps already

(Pinksazzle) still owes swaps with members i trust

(Xxst3phxx) smammer re i phones
People in blue are great swappers.

(darreng123) asked to buy 3 my books arrange to come and collect never got back to me and never replied to messages or text though he asked me to text him.

I must just add any swap withdrawls i have made is due to
0 rated swappers not finalising the swap or not setting there del address up or just messed around

Please no time wasters have enough of people changing mind or simply getting it wrong the swap not checking anyone does I will block and you will go on my bad swappers part to warn others

If you have lower feedback then me sorry you will have to send first.

I send every two weeks when i get paid will let you know at time if not straight away.

Please no time wasters and no nasty messages in pm ive already blocked two for nasty messages re loom bands. Did you do it to the lady who sold a loom dress on ebay? If you cannot be nice dont contact me. Sorry for rant but had enough

I swap anything in reason love books so worth checking them. I do swap clothes etc and even my hubby to now.

So thats me im a east anglian girl living in north west.

I swap but will sell to any offers I will consider
Nice to meet you all happy happy swapping :)

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