Username: bassheadzim

I am an honest straight forward guy who expects the same from my fellow swappers. My goods are all in 100% condition and do not add crap or stuff that don't work properly.

Silly offers will be ignored!!! If you have no feedback or feedback lower than mine you must be prepared to send first or don't bother making any offers.

dragonmuzz - Newbie with illusions of granduer! Total timewasting idiot
morzillaLTD (Scammed me out of £40 which I will get back believe you me)
barley1988 (Claimed to have sent item but did not. Ignored my emails and advertised my item in his swapz even though he did not have it)
cheryl_taylorx3 (Expected me to send first even though they have no rating)
parmy (Another newbie dreamer wanting to swap a £50 ipod for a £1600 laptop! After I rejected his proposal user sent a rude message back. People like this should be banned from swapz! W*nka.
jpri9185 scum scammed me out of an HD Camcorder... Will get it back GUARANTEED... also scammed user shelly2110!

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