Username: courtslcfc

Hi im Chris. From Leicester, Always looking for new Mobiles and gadgets.

Like to think of myself as a trustworthy person and all my listings as accurate as possible.

Not looking to scam people or be scammed back.

Under NO Circumstances will I post first to a newbie OR if you have lower feedback.

Heard all the excuses before. How can you have been scammed on this site if you have no swaps registered and only been here 1 day?

Lastly to many people without manners are joining the site. If I get an offer or proposal I will decline and say why and offer thanks for the interest, Is it to much to expect the same.

I will not respond however to a "Look in my swapz" IF I have something you want make an offer otherwise you will fall on deaf ears.

Seen alot of the older reliable users leave this site which is a shame.

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