Username: frododeb

Honest and reliable, but wont post first unless your rating is higher than mine and we chat first.
There are some great swappers on this site. A big Thankyou to everyone!
Especially, SarahBurch, Rick, Volly, Fatwallet, Haleyjo, Queenselphie, DianneHughes, Shanice22, Dawn, Shelley, Philvo4, pentoo, toriaax, askandimaytellyou, lucky1, sazb, Sandie28, gilliantony, all super people!
COOLBRAD123, buckobts09
bennyboiracer, and JaneRose, do not send out their items. Guppy123 rates you as a scammer BEFORE they receive your item. and TELFORDGAL rates you as a scammer before you have time to withdraw from a swap due to her changing her mind. And joshan1234 is just plain rude.
rnb_1976 is the latest swapper to scam me, this is now in the hands of paypal DO NOT swap with any of these, you wont get your items.
Please take note of these people & I recommend that everyone also makes similar TRUST lists.

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