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OFFERS OF SCRAP VALUE CARS AGAINST ONES WITH MOT WILL BE IGNORED COMPLETELY, AS WILL FAKE ITEMS, WOMENS CLOTHES AND OTHER TAT. ANYONE NEW TO THE SITE WITH ZERO FEEDBACK, EXPECTING ME TO POST FIRST MUST BE ON DRUGS. I now have set up business and have an exchange shop, in Church St, Seaham, Co Durham SR7 7HE. Obviously as I have now made this my business, I will not take less value swapz, as I dont need anything in particular, it's business. I will not travel to do any swapz more than 40 miles. I definitely will not do this so dont ask, not even on cars . Half way meets can be time consuming and costly and I just dont do them. I am open for all offers, and always use ebay as a price guide, for those of you saying this isnt ebay, its also not Currys, where a lot of you seem to price your goods from. I am honest, straightforward and polite, I expect the same from you. Thankyou. Also if I refuse a swap offer from you, it's nothing personal, it's because it does not make any sense for me financially to take something I am not going to make profit on. This is my livelihood so please, refrain from petulant immature responses if I refuse your swap.

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