Username: haydenbarton96

I'm a Friendly Genuine person looking to swap items with ease and quality. I am prepared to ship items and if we are swapping items through post then i expect you to pay for shipping for your item to get to me as i will be covering the cost for it to get to you.

I have worked years in technology and computing so please dont try tell me garbage to try convince me because it won't work, chances are i have more inside knowledge about the item then you do.

If you have less feedback than me or none at all then YOU must send first.

I record each items serial, model and IMEI numbers down so you have no luck trying to scam me as i will find your address and will get the police involved or take matters into my own hands, just a warning for you scumbag scammers!

To all the genuine swappers: hope to do good swaps with you all in the future :)

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