Username: kas31

Genuine guy looking to do genuine deals. Not looking to rip anyone else off, nor am i looking to get ripped off either.
Happy to meet half way if agreed, Only interested in people that can bring a deal to the table & put there money where there mouth is.
Loads of people on here showing interest you message back no response so if your one of them guys you know who you are!!!
If you make a proposal and i am interested and accept it i expect you to follow through with it. If not interested from the beginning go and waste someone else's time and not mine please. I am a genuine seller and what you see in my swapz you will get, if any issues with any item i will state the issue if there is one. Man of my word!
Sorry to all genuine swapperz. And look forward to doing more swapz with genuine sellers.

Happy Swapping :D

Any time wasters please don't Bother!

If you can’t contact me, is because either you have messed me around a scammer or someone that simply posts an item with google pictures stating it’s theres! And they dont own the item I am not dumb.

Meeting Half way only or come to me!

I am not daft enough to send ££££’s items by post.

Scammers Try Me will be your Last Attempt :D

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