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What to say about myself well i have been on this site now since it first started must be 6 years even more & use to think this site was awesome but in the last 2 years i have seen so many idiots being introduced its starting to slip away. I am a happy family guy with a Mrs & kids & enjoy swopping cars its become more of a hobby nowadays as i use to buy & sell cars. I am a mechanic by trade & have been in the business for 13 years now so all i ask is you dont try & pull the wool over my eyes as i will be inspecting any car before i do the swop. I dont mind meeting halfway when i can but dont like to travel far anymore as i have been there & done it & when the item isnt as described its a waste of petrol money & time for both members as i wont do the swop no matter what else i get offered. I will be as accurate with my listings as i possibly can so if i know about it so will you.

Thanx for looking.

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