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At the moment I am finding things difficult, I havnt forgotten about whom I owe, I just want to let you know your swap will be sent.

My name is Jamie, and Im a swapz maniac, Im always on here trying to get the best deal.

I love swapping all different things.

Im a confident swapper and an honest one as well.
I dont believe in ripping people off, never have done and never will do. I expect the same from others.

One thing I will say. Please dont ask me to send first if you have, for example, 0 swapz and you say you have been scammed before........I will only send first if you have done around the same amount of swapz or more swapz than me.

I'll just add, I get really fed up with people who wont send first because they have been scammed before. Surely if you have been scammed before it should come up on your swapz.

I get very annoyed with people who just expect me to send first to someone with a lower rating. I worked hard to get this rating and I am very proud of it.

Please bear in mind, I try hard to please everybody, and it isnt hard to be polite.

There are some amazing swappers on this site who keep it running (You know who you are ;) ) but there are more who are not so good.

I also dislike when you put in an offer and get a reply saying 'Your a bit to far' Far from what? Havnt you heard of Special Delivery.....*Sigh*

Manners don't cost a thing, so a reply would be nice. Even if it is a no. Stops me getting my hopes up.


I look forward to swapping with you. :)


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