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I am 42 yrs old married and have a 16yr old daughter and a 6yr old daughter. I have been into cars and bikes since I was 10yr old so know what I am looking at!!!!
I'm an honest guy as my feedback shows and am out for a good deal, not to rip anyone off or be ripped off!
Always prepared to travel halfway to meet!
Please don't make proposal before you've asked your Mrs as I'm sick of arranging a deal and getting told 2hrs before that your Mrs don't like it!!! I've missed out on a few good deals because of idiots doing this. below are good users and bad users I've come across and will add more as time goes on!
RIMSKI100=accepts 2 different proposals off 2 diff people and don't tell you till your ready to set off!
ENZO=offered me swap I accepted then he backs out saying didn't make offer!!!
EGGBUTT=proposes swap I accept then backs out 2hrs before!
DEARDO=false description, said was mint car, got there was dented all over and cat c write off
BRIZEE=proposed swap that I accepted then backs out straight way saying Mrs wont!
MAIN_MAN_MINI=proposes swap I accept discuss where to meet then backs out saying Mrs wont let him!
ROBBY79=makes proposal then tells me away for a few days then says busy when back then says Zafira its broke down then finally says not interested

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