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My main hobby is playing with cars and its got to the point now where i have a small unit as i keep buying tools and diagnostic equipment i even managed to get a fabulous ramp for cheap.
i have worked on a hell of a lot of cars including an X5 Limo for a limo company who now come to me for most things

i am set up to do quite a lot of things automotive related which i will list below just keep in mind this is a hobby for me so its at my leisure (I AM NOT A BUSINESS)

General Mechanics (starters alternators exhausts and so on)
Vinyl Decals and Vehicle Signage
Car Key Repairs & Programming
Wheel Refurbs
Remapping (I have a fee to pay to get the tuned map but its trade prices)
DPF Removal (I have a fee to pay to have the ECU MAP Modified but i pay trade prices)
Audio Equipment Installation
Sand Blasting

i have sprayed a car before and would do 1 again but there is a hell of a lot of work involved and im still building my skills with this so this is at your own risk so to speak

Most things realy i try to stay away from clutches and head gaskets as there a ball ache but i can do them
So if you need something doing you supply the bits or i can get them at trade price and swapz me for my time. basically all materials needed must be supplied or paid for by you. all the time and work supplied by me.

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