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Ex RAF officer -now retired,still do a bit of flying for private jet/air taxi etc.
Hoping to swap with like minded individuals, please note I will not accept any copies or replicas of items I swap unless they are clearly stated as such. I do have channels of dealing with any goods not stated as to what they are.

I have made the decision not to swap with anyone with a zero rating or a rating below that of mine, unless they are willing to send their item to me first? In fact anyone with less then myself will have to send first. yes we all have to start somewhere but with so many seemingly scammers on here these days it is not easy to tell good from bad.

So if it insults you for me to ask this just go away, simple.

I am just looking to swap unwanted items in a fair and pleasant environment, so lets keep it good

BEWARE OF SWAPER CALLED piggyrulez11 He has scammed a few people now and I intend to fully redress my situation with him.

Also avoid like the plague user harvo1985 a real con man sending blank dvd cases to a random post code in my town, obviously picked from a web site, giving tracking number and laughing at you !!!

Another scammer is a guy calling himself Gareth Howard vaulttec11 a real sick guy appears to be a reincarnation pf piggyrulez11 !!!! they do not give up :-)

bigboy2013 another con man.

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