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Been on swapz since 2006, its been a mixed experience, you get some good genuine people, some are just chancers, watch out for items and people that arent what they seem!!
My interests are musical instruments, computers, motorbikes and gadgets in general.
I am willing to travel a reasonable distance, will always be friendly on meeting and prefer to meet in public places.
I do post items though usually only small items.

Here is a list of good swappers that I trust and recommend:

SAL3M: Top Swapper, communicative, likeminded, will travel a reasonable distance and always give you an accurate description of his items.
mel1234567: Very Friendly and accurate with descriptions, friendly and is willing to meet within a reasonable distance.
samncaz: Never got to meet Sam, but he is always friendly and the goods I have received from him are top notch.
nickyrobertson: excellent gadget swapper, even when I had problems he was able to help me with no fuss whatsoever.

waz101: came all the way from Telford and did multiple swaps, top bloke, He's got some dodgy sunglasses though. LOL

People to avoid:
Septic: will offer you crap for your goods then rant when you offer them an alternative, proper tapped!

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