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Straight down the line, no messing about, will have a deal with most things, always willing to help, totally genuine and a woman of my word, pretty much old school lol. Must add that all my deals are done first come basis as I find it the fairest, and I don't like to disappoint people. Hope you understand. I work on my word and expect the same in return. if you cant deal like that then I'm NOT your swapper you are looking for. Also please take note that all my swaps/deals are done as seen. ie always make your own checks as its safest all round and saves for disappointment. This goes for all swaps and swappers. BE SAFE CHECK THEM OUT.

Im on
Have you seen my #Vinted wardrobe? See what I’m selling!

What really bugs me

people who don't even get in touch when you offer a swap
ones who don't tell you when sending especially after you sent your swap
ones who add things for swap but under swap after they say cash. How is that a swap?

I am in the North west of England married and happy. I love so much so open to all swaps though I do have wants as well. You never know you may have a swap I would like so you like something mine just ask :)

I love reading so always will have books especially true life, crime, thrillers etc fiction non fiction. I love clothes, make up perfum, long hair so hair grips ties anything. I play pool love music, films, we have a ps3 so always after games. Plus much more so worth trying me if I have a item you would like worse thing I can say is no which is rare :)

I have no car so I post swaps unless local. If you do have a lower rating to me I am sorry but I ask for you to send first.

Top swappers are in blue and worth checking out

swap lifters are here

(Wesley May Peterbough)
Never sent me his laptop for my tablet put it this way I am taking it to court.

watch out for scammers on here lots of them sad to see

Happy Swapping :)

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