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Just out to get a bargain, using this site purely for the things i get bored of. When it comes to swapping higher priced item's i prefer a meet, therefore no one has to worry about who's send first. All electrical items i would like to be tested before a swap is complete.

Please note, if you send me a swap proposal, before discussing a swap, ill jst delete it and ignore any more messages, swaps and so on from you. Also please, get your location right, its annoying to find someone who says they live in Newcastle, yet puts south east England in thier location, its not only annoying, but it wastes time.

Just a note, ive had to add a person to my blocklist for the first time, wanting to swap a car, without the v5 document, only the green slip. Let me make this as perfectly clear as i possibly can, if your swapping a car with me, dont even think of getting in contact with me to say you have only got the green slip, or the old style logbook, im aware that the reason the dvla changed the v5 form in the first place was because a lot were stolen, so again, if you dont have a full and current (i.e. the red one) v5 registration document, in your name, registered at your address, then bugger off!

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