Username: ricardo5zero

I hope that anyone who receives interest from me has the common courtesy to reply. There's nothing more frustrating than expressing interest and then being ignored!
Likewise those who initiate a potential swap then "disappear" from the site- nothing more annoying or unfair!

Good manners cost nothing, and any contact with me will always be answered.

I am always honest about my items and ask the same in return.

Pet hate is those who list their items with a swap value of say a penny, then when you read through the listing they want at least £4k for example! Why do people do that??

I am a genuine, private individual not looking to rip anybody off or be ripped off myself.

Willing to meet any potential swapper half way, or you can come over to me- I have nothing to hide and make a first class cuppa!

All enquiries/questions/ interests will be answered.

Wishing you all happy swapping!
Thanks for looking.

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