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Hi, First off.....Sorry if this seems a bit blunt , As I know there's lot's of good swappers out there but there's also the arse wipes, YES you know who you are eh!

I would prefer to swap, as I think it's a lot more FUN to see what I get offered, BUT everything has it's price :-)
If I have things listed as cash "OFFERS" that's exactly what it means "OFFERS Not how much do you want" if I like it I'll say yes, if I dont like it I'll come back with another price, OR laugh at you! :)

I will hold any of my items if a deposit "non-refundable" is paid, it will be held for the time we agree on,
NOTE: if you do not return for it within the agreed time YOU HAVE LOST YOUR DEPOSIT. NO EXCEPTIONS! "like some have found out",
I dont piss people around and dont expect it in return,
rip me off ill hunt you down and ........ well Simple as that.!!!!!

I list everything as it is, faults or not, and if there is anything wrong with it I WILL point it out,
I'm not here to rip anyone off just looking for a good deal the same as you are
All my swaps are open to most swaps (apart from PC's, fitness or fishing equipment, mini motos, car sound systems, mountain or bmx bikes, Game consloes) as I have plenty,

I'm into anything to do with Scooters, Bikes (motor that is) Car's, Choppers, Cruisers, Quad's, Buggy's, Trikes, GOOD quality tools, ie Snap on, Blue point, Mac tools, Britool, Draper expert ect. im am gym freak and love my boxing try to do it every other day but work gets in the way lol

I don't mind delivering any of my items (if I can) but it's 50/50 on all cost's and NO exceptions.

If you want a deal great lets do it! you want to piss around? then piss off and GO elsewhere.

Note: You are more than welcome to come and inspect any of my things, as I have nothing to hide, check the things before you swap (I do) if you dont like it DON'T do the deal simple. A done deal is a done deal simple as that.

Last but NOT least, if you need to call me for any reason TAKE NOTE that ANY WITHHELD OR UNAVAILABLE NUMBERS WILL BE HUNG UP ON, if your calling me why would you have to withhold your number?

OK rant over :-) and hope you enjoy MANY good SWAPZ :-)

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