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straight forward guy and as honest as they come. dont like ripping anyone off as i would not like that to happen to me.

im no mug and know what cars are worth, fed up with the endless time wasters this site has to offer nowadays. i dont want your cars that have been passed around on here. or cars with hidden faults etc and no time wasters with over priced crap. i have heard and seen it all on this site, excuses or why you wont travel mean only one thing lol the stuff people come out with its unreal lol.

i dont mind cars that need work, cat d or cat c cars as long as i know before hand. always up for a fair deal anytime. you offer me you come to me simple, to my house, no car park meets or anything i have nothing to hide.

sorry to you genuine guys on here but you out of all people understand what im saying.

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