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Repairing and Upgrading your PC is a step-by-step multimedia tutorial. It's a course for beginners, so while it won't make you an expert overnight, it's easy to follow for anyone who would like to know more about the inner workings of their PC. There are two parts to the course. The first is about repairing a PC. After explaining the basics of a computer's main parts, the course goes on to look at common problems such as freezes and disk errors. Then there is a section on introductory repair skills, showing how to open a computer case, and how to troubleshoot Windows problems such as old or corrupt drivers, DLL conflicts and registry errors. In all honesty, the course does little more than flag that such problems exist. With a course aimed at beginners, it isn't realistic to expect guidance on the thousands of issues that can affect PCs, with their many combinations of hardware and software.
The second part of the course covers upgrading, and looks at the BIOS (Basic Input Output System), add-on cards, memory and drives. There are a couple of problems here. For example, there is considerable variation in the BIOS of different PCs, and this is a general course that has to apply to everything. Another issue is that this is only a brief introduction, and does not go far in explaining what those mysterious BIOS settings actually do. Strangely, the course covers replacing a floppy drive, but not the more common and difficult process of replacing a hard drive. Both courses include tips and review questions so you can check what has been learnt.

It's best to think of this tutorial as a user-friendly introduction to how a PC works and what can go wrong, rather than as an actual troubleshooting guide. By following the course, users will know whether to take the next step and get some more detailed resources. --Tim Anderson

Manufacturer's Description
Why choose BVG CD-ROM Computer Training?
You'll like what BVG CD-ROM training offers. For one reason - the lessons are interesting! Packed with audio and video clips the helpful presenter takes you through the course topic-by-topic. The program allows you to move forward, or backward to review a particular section, or simply jump to a specific topic that you need help with.

You'll learn in a simulated software environment - there is no need to have the specific software you are learning about loaded on your computer. Plus you can practice with 100% interactivity in the real software environment using the sample files from the course. When you are ready to check your progress, you can rest assured you've learned what matters for productivity because the knowledge reviews focus on key concepts for performance in the real world.

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