Location: North West England - Neat You
Swap Value: £100-£200


I got this bought me as a present last year. I've used it a few times, but not used it since as I don't get to go fishing that often now.
These are the details I have taken from Amazon for the product.
It comes with all instructions, a set of new batteries and a protective case.
Very easy to use.From Amazon
"Wouldn't it be great if you could predict when the fish would be biting? With the Speedtech Angler's Edge, you can! Not only does the Angler's Edge give you current fish feeding reports, it gives you a 4-hr. fish activity forecast, too! How? Well, the forecast comes from a complex algorithm that combines moon phase, sun / moon position and barometric pressure effects due to local weather. We can't even begin to explain THAT to you, but the folks at Speedtech worked with a bunch of folks who could - meteorologists, fish biologists and professional anglers - to come up with this pocket-sized Fishing Forecaster! And not only does the Angler's Edge give you that 4-hr. forecast of fish activity, it also provides you with a 12-24 weather forecast (including severe weather warnings) and the barometric pressure of your exact location. The details: Present fish feeding report; 4-hr future feeding forecast; 24-hr barometric pressure history bar graph; Sunrise / sunset times - accurate within 4 min.; Moon phase, moonrise / moonset position; Accurate 12-24 hour weather forecast; Severe weather audio alarm; Current time; Fish feeding forecast based on future sun / moon information through 2099; Low battery indicator. Get yours today, and give yourself the best chance to catch the limit! Speedtech Angler's Edge Plus Fishing Predictor" These are American exports You cant find these in G.B Rare as Hen,s Teeth

I want to swap for

W.H.U. G. -Air rifle good one ,blank firer any type ,rolex rep submariner , pit bike , camping gear ,gold, large flat screen with hdd lcd built in speakers and freeview .

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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