Location: North West England - I WILL TELL YOU WHEN YOU NEED TO KNOW
Swap Value: £20.000+


The House in in a nice village called KARAVELOVO Near to YAMBOL .and Elovo
we bought it in 2007 with the intention of renovating and moving out there but due to family commitments we have only been over 3 times as i will not Fly so we do the trip by road witch is 2,000 miles and 36 hours each way ....
It now has hot and cold running water ( used to be a stand pipe in the garden and a well ).. some new window frames fitted 1000% Rewired and with a great intruder alarm that calls 3 phone numbers if the house is broken into 1 st being the police / 2nd being IVAN my gardener / 3rd the village Mayor .. we started the bathroom and fitted a shower and WC but have not finished it the drains just run to where the hole for the septic tank will be dug ..
we started to renovate but then due to family illness we have not had the time to get back out and finish the work .. its a two up two down house .. but all the down stairs is ripped out and ready for a new floor to be fitted .. out side stair case leads to upstairs .. That we used as a 2 room flat while we were out there . The roof is ok the walls are fine .. so just the inside to work on .. like i say we lived in the two upstairs rooms for 8 weeks last time we went over .. we fitted a Petcha wood burner in one room and an electric fire in the bedroom .. with the house is aprox 1,900 Square meters of land .. and a BARN ( that could also be converted . ) and a few more out buildings .. i will be putting some photos on later today or tomorrow .. .....message me for more info .. we have an agent out there who will be happy to help with the sale / transfer Why Bulgaria well it cheap to live there both water and electric bills you only pay what you use and no standing charge and council tax is ABOUT £30 A YEAR . OFFERS OF £20,000 or swap for another property Closer than Bulgaria OR A huge Motor home or canal Boat on the Lancaster canal ..

I want to swap for

w.h.y property closer than Bulgaria // MOTORHOME // CANALBOAT

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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