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Plotter ... laptop ... and heat press with loads of vinyl

Location: North West England - Manchester
Swap Value: £1.000+


I have a laptop with thousands of designs and cutting files on with a website and email address .... a vinyl cutting plotter with loads of vinyl to keep you going and a fully functinal heat press ....

This as made me lots of money over the last few months from doing football team jerseys to motorbime crews and hoddies ...simple designs and stickers on ebay to bussiness vans and cars ...takeaway shop windows and bussiness premisis home decor wall vinyl and there is also now a market out there for vechile wrapping but i just had a new baby and i already work for a living else were so this was just a side venture but now i just dont have the time looking after my new baby girl ...this is a fully functinoal bussiness ready for you to start making money ... i ust to take advantage of the 100 free listongs on ebay with my stickers at 1 to 10 pound for each decals and make 100s in a month ...jet ski decals motorcross decals car decals wall decals house decals bussiness decals you name it and think it you can make it .... also have the cut software which is artcut and this disc alone cost nearly 400 just for the software my laptop is abit dated but you dont need nothing fancy its just for the designs and it works fine .... the cutter as fresh blades and all new ones with pen attachtment and stuff to and a cover to keep the dust off together all the equipment is worth at least a thousand or more and then theres the potential of making the money after ...i can show peoole how to use and this is not rocket sceince ... i could sell decals at a pound on ebay and make profit everytime even thou i have to pay fees and postage .... if you have the time and the comon sense then you will make a packet ...

I want to swap for

Car quad and motorbike 125cc that is worth value of 1000 atleast .... and as to be road legal and ready to go ...

I am open to ALL SWAPZ