660cc supermoto ..

Location: North West England - Manchester
Swap Value: £2.000+


ThIs is a 2003 ..660 mz baggy.. the bike is germany and is a realiable supermoto not like these crosser types it as aload of m.o.ts and service reciepts and is going in next week for a fresh 12 month ticket ...

it as the 5 valve yamaha engine which is in the yamaha raptor and in the xtz 660 and was in the szr and xt600e ... the bike is 13 years old but as been well looked after and everything spent on it just had ...
.new tyres front and back
Bearings in wheel and shock
New renthal grips
Bar end mirrors
Hand guards
Oils changed and services
Fitted a 12 volt alram to s.i.s the one that speaks to you and tells you to get away from the bike as it is alarmed
Also as carole nash d.n.a a new thing for theft provention works just like human d.n.a. but it is on the parts on the bike so if anyone as the parts it can be checked and found v.i.a d.n.a

Does have new levers but not had time yet may be on if get time
It as a 45 tooth back and 16 front with a o ring chain ...
New coolant a few hundred mile back
New decals kit put on few hundred miles back
Needs nothing
Maybe a clean
These bikes are hard come buy now but if you go on the mz sites and look up baghira 660 these are realible bikes that can gave a lot done to them including the 780cc raptor upgrade making it one of the fastests beastiest supermotos out there ....

I want to swap for

Try me streetfighter superbike supersport enduro .. anything that runs and as 12 month m.o.t road legal

I am open to ALL SWAPZ