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Ultra Rare 1980 Electra Solid Guitar made in Matsumoku Japan

Location: East Midlands - Boston
Swap Value: £500+


This is an extremely rare guitar to find in the UK it is an Electra X260 which has had the dead pickups replace with a New pair of Epiphone humbuckers. The guitar is in as close to new condition as a guitar can get
Original receipt from 1980 for £286 and when that is entered into a historic inflation chart it is the Equivalent of £1307.84 at today's prices or a Gibson Les Paul see

so back to the guitar
Walnut finish, Maple/Ash body, bayonet neck junction
Maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Deluxe Electra Sealed unit tuners
Solid Brass Nut
super Jumbo frets
Tune-o-matic bridge system

This guitar looks like new except for a couple of tiny marks
and comes in it original near mint condition (some corrosion to the metal work (well it is 36 years OLD
These guitar were made for the American market and Westone were for the UK market. and both brands were House brands for Matsumoku Japan
To find one of these in the UK would be a rare find indeed , but to find one in this amazing cosmetic condition is pretty much impossible in astoundingly good condition.
no fret or fingerboard wear
And a straight neck with a super low and fast action. this guitar plays like you would expect a £1300 guitar would play
I am not asking £1300 however I am asking a very reasonable £500 or trades of guitars at that price

I want to swap for

Cash or another good quality guitar

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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