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RARE 1957 Hofner President (457) ex Pathfinders/Jason Flock/Trash/White Trash/

Location: East Midlands - Boston
Swap Value: £1.000+


This is a rare piece of UK Brit pop when British Pop Music RULED the world
This band Charted TWICE with Beatles Songs and were singed to the Apple Label.
They started in Glasgow where they were a big name at the start of the 1960's (you will need to scroll to the bottom)
Then they changed the name to Jason Flock and recorded "Pumpkin Lantern" and "To love Somebody" on the B side with EMI.
Then it was George Gallagher and The Pathfinders and they recorded the single "The Sun Is Shining Brightly" with "Baby I'd Rather Have you" on the B side.
Then they followed that up with "The Tailor" and on the B side "Weathercock's View of Life"
After this the Pathfinders changed their name to TRASH and WHITE TRASH this is when they really started to move in the bigger circles being given Lennon & McCartney songs to record under the APPLE label as well as some of their own original material They recorded "Bad Weather" "The Road to Nowhere" "Illusions " where it charted in the UK, The USA, JAPAN, Portugal etc etc in short they hit the Big time touring with some of the most notable names of the 1960's and it was NONE OTHER than John Lennon who set them up with the Apple deal after meeting the band in the Amsterdam Hilton. where they sat down with John and Yoko and sorted out the deal (which also included the permission to record some of the Beatles songs) Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight, which they also recorded on the APPLE LABEL.
So this guitar has a true thoroughbred slice of history (They also recorded many other songs before that and after that on the parlaphone /EMI/Apple labels. Even a EP with EMI using songs that were recorded originally on the Apple Label
The guitar itself is RARE as an early Hofner President. It also comes in its ORIGINAL Selmer hard case which has loads of Mojo all on its own, the Guitar has a replacement pickguard and tuners it is old and toured but still in great playable condition. But in truth it should really be in a Music Museum

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