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LED and Nixie tube clocks

Location: South East England - Sandhurst
Swap Value: £50-£100



**Items that are shown with “cardboard” looking sides are a covering only to stop scratches whilst in transit**

For sale I have multiple designs of LED, retro nixie-tube style clocks and other items for sale. These are all hand made to order and all come with various prices. Approximate leak time on these items are around 14-20 days. I test all products before giving it to you and resolve any issues before. Any questions please ask.

I prefer to arrange collection due to the fragile nature of the items. I cannot accept responsibility for damages that occur via shipping, full video evidence will be provided before shipping. I will package the items as best I can before shipping. Thanks for reading.

Please note: pictures are for reference use only. Final product may have minor variations. Due to being unable to upload all photos, please contact me for details and photos of each product. Thank you.

RGB glass windchimes (third picture) - £20

RGB Nixie clock (tubes on top (seventh picture) - £100

RGB Nixie clock design 2 (tubes in front side, fourth picture)- £175

"Pillar" style tube clock (lying on its side, blue digits) - £150

"useless box" (youtube has videos of this, eighth picture) - £25 available in black, blue, green, red or yellow

Bamboo style Nixie clock (first picture)- £170

4 digit LED Clock (second picture)- £20 available in blue, green, red or white.

RGB 6 digit LED clock - £25 available in blue, green, red or white.

LED "rotation" clock (fifth picture)- £25 available with red blue or green digits and red & green blue & white ring

Large 6 Digit RGB LED Clock (sixth picture) - £20 available in blue, green, ice blue, red, white or yellow.

Large 4 digit Rainbow LED clock - £30 Less

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