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Dell XPS 13 i7 4K 16GB 512GB SSD

Location: East of England - Harlow
Swap Value: £400-£500


Dell XPS 13 9350 - Top Spec
16GB Ram
4k touchscreen (Please read below)
Windows 10 Pro

The good points.
Top-spec model
Chassis is very good condition
4k display
Very powerful for its size. I had used it for the past four years while I was at University studying Computer Science which involved me having to use the laptop for Simulated annealing, running multiple virtual machine instances and complex code which the laptop handled well.
I have replaced the thermal paste twice (with high-quality paste) since I have owned the laptop in order to make sure that the temperatures remain within spec and to lower fan noise while running demanding applications.

The bad points.
It is generally in very good overall physical condition although the screen has a crack running down the centre of the touch panel (no idea how this happened I went to a seminar, packed my laptop away and walked over to a meeting. When I pulled the laptop out of my bag the crack was there).
Please note that the crack does not affect the display however it does affect the use of the touch screen. The left-hand side of the touchscreen no longer responds to touch. However, I have disabled the touchscreen as it can glitch and I didn't really use it anyway (just trying to be honest).
Also, the laptop was originally bought in Dubai (At a cost of around £1300) so it does come with a qwerty/Arabic layout. It comes with the normal English keys as seen in pictures. The entire keyboard can be easily replaced for £16.95 (on eBay) however this did not bother me personally.
The battery is also due a replacement at some point as it doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to (currently around 1 hour - 1.5 hours with my usage).

I have now graduated University so I no longer use this laptop due to having a full-time job which provides me with a work laptop.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have

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