180 years Mercury wheel barometer

Location: Scotland - Livingston
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Selling this C. 1840 MERCURY WHEEL BAROMETER. Made by English based Italian, P GUARNERIO in Huntingdon.
Just been checked over, repaired where necessary, new leather & Mercury cleaned and polished by a pro Barometer/Clock specialist.
Nice wood, clean brass, clean silvered dial and nice Butlers mirror.
PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH AN ANEROID BANJO BAROMETER, a Mercury Wheel Barometer is a different thing entirely from a banjo aneroid barometer. MWB can sell for £2 or £3 thousand pounds. Especially by this maker.
This is a bargain for a serious Barometer collector that knows about the Italian maker P Guarnerio. Please check him out on the internet.
Research this maker and see the amount of money his Mercury Wheel Barometers make. This is a TOTAL BARGAIN. Was £700 now

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