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Let's get one thing straight. I will NOT tolerate rudeness so if that's how you normally are then you better stay away from my inbox or be prepared to get back what you give to me. I'm one of the nicest people you can find but if you cross me, you will wish you hadn't. If i make an offer and you don't like it, you don't need to be rude or ignorant. Simply say 'No Thankyou'.
So let's all keep it nice and sociable shall we ?

Good luck to you all on your swapz.


UPDATE - I *WILL* name and shame bad swappers. Here's the first -

Can you believe there are people on here that act like childs ?
andrm gave me bad ratings despite me doing everything exactly how it should be done, with lots of communication (from me, none at all from him to me) and excellent description, just because i gave him the ratings he deserved. Tit for tat is childish and should not be allowed on serious sites.


blues-22 should be avoided at all costs. He refuses to play by the site's rules. He lists things for swap/sale then when you make an agreement he asks for more money to pay the postage costs. The site says that it is up to the offerer to cover postage costs.
When he says "To sell for cash I'd be looking for around £50" he actually means he wants £50 for it but as far as the rest of the worlds english interpretation is concerned it should actually mean he should be open to offers.

He goes on to say - "I don't really care how things are done here to be honest". which is blatent neglect for the sites rules. Would you really want to deal with someone that doesn't care about the rules which we all have to abide by ?
When you try to point out the things that he is doing wrong he gets in a mardy and writes untruthful things on his profile. because i pointed out the thing about him saying he wants around £50 but then insisting on taking no less, he says i've been "shameless begging". Would you really want to deal with someone that has a very bad attitude like his ?

I have stuck to the sites rules and merely tried to suggest he does the same.


CABBAGE660 is unbelievale!

This user claims to want to do everything properly but read on -

User states that they refuse to send until they recieve , so when confronted about why that is, he/she agrees to send as soon as i give them the tracking number. So why is it that i gave you the tracking number three days ago and i've heard F**K ALL from you since ?
I suspect you're a ROBBING C**T or if not you're certainly an IGNORANT UNSOCIABLE one!
I wish i'd checked out your old ebay feedback before agreeing a deal with you!

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