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32 yrs old, gadget freak, family guy, always on the lookout for something cool.

Not really interested in cash for my items as the whole point of swapping is you're both exchanging something without having to pay what it would cost you to buy new. In other words if we both have something that costs £1000 new but is now worth only £700 second hand, we swap and still get something of the same value, but if you give me £700 cash, I'm £300 down in terms of what I can go buy with it.

Also, re the whole post first thing, I don't really swap any low-value stuff and I'm certainly not going to post anything high value considering the complete lack of cover provided by Swapz.

Having said that, I'm happy to drive halfway, or all the way if you're trading something slightly better than you're getting or if it's not that far.

I will always reply, even to crap offers, unless you're seriously taking the piss. I even reply to Nigerians, but usually sarcastically. Seriously, why can't these guys get it into their thick heads that calling themselves "Jane Bishop" isn't gonna help if they still speak English as bad as... well... as bad as a Nigerian scammer!

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