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In the politest way possible I fucking hate time wasters so please don't bother,

I mainly use Swapz to swap guitar stuff however if I have vehicles for sale then I shall also advertise them on here too.

I've been playing guitar for 4 years, my favourite influence and band are Iron Maiden. Previous to guitar I played a 5 string bass for 2 years and I consider myself a guitar collector of sorts. Another great influence is Nirvana, all i can say is R.I.P Kurt Cobain.

I have been tempted to advertise computer parts on Swapz before however I'm not quite sure of how safe that could be therefore i have decided against it although i also have many computer parts for sale on other sites aswell.....

I am a genuine person with genuine items and do not have time for time wasters. However I do have one downfall....I have no way of transportation! But I may be able to meet halfway on certain locations otherwise it will have to be post collections and deliveries.

Thank you for reading.

People I Know who are good traders on this site:

Lylai09 - Paul is a brilliant credit to swapz I have had numerous swapz with him because of his honesty and brilliant quality items. This man has always made the effort to come to me and has never expected anything in return. All round nice bloke =)
Septic - A good credit to swapz and a fantastic bloke all round hence the reason for having so many swaps with this person.
Jon_Jon, this guy is a great credit to swapz and an honest cool guy trust him!
Primed - Gary is a great guy who has good genuine items up for swapz, he was willing to meet me halfway and any problems or issues that I had he helped me to sort as quickly as possible 100% trustworthy

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